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link building packages

We Specialize in Custom Link Building Campaigns

Building a sound strategy, consisting of the right link building tactics is essential to the success of an outreach campaign.

At Stellar SEO, we take a very personalized approach when building a link outreach strategy for our clients. This is outlined in greater detail in our process-driven link building guide, be sure to check it out!

By combining thorough research, planning, and years of experience, we consistently build strategies that produce stellar results.

Since 2012, Stellar SEO has been offering custom link outreach campaigns and link audit services.

In 2017, we launched our blogger outreach service. This was in response to demand from marketing agencies looking for outsourced link building solutions, with a per-link pricing model.

Since opening our doors back in 2012, we have built thousands of quality links for clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise SAAS companies.

Currently, we offer two engagement models for our services


Packages Vs. Custom Link Building

Since every project is going to have numerous unique challenges, a package isn’t going to deliver the same type of results that a truly customized plan would. As such, we don’t offer any pre-built packages.


We get it. Not every business has the desire or budget to have a full custom campaign, which is why we have also launched a per-link-pricing option. This can be a great fit for the right type of client.

For example – many of our white-label clients are other marketing agencies who simply need quality links to supplement their current plans. Our blogger outreach and niche edit services are a great fit in that case.

That being said…

If you are not an agency or you do not have an in-house team to conduct competitive research and planning, a service like blogger outreach isn’t typically the best fit.

In order to build quality, relevant links, in the most efficient manner possible, processes trump packages every time.

Here at Stellar SEO, we have a multi-stage process that allows us to better understand your goals, competition, and build an effective plan.

Our custom link building service includes the following stages, offering full transparency along the way:

  1. Intake Meeting & Detailed Marketing Questionnaire Completion
  2. Content Assets Review
  3. Link & Anchor Text Profile Review
  4. Competitor Link Prospecting & Segmentation
  5. Competitor Link & Anchor Gap Analysis
  6. Initial Prospect List Built & Segmented
  7. Strategy & Tactics Finalized
  8. Outreach Begins
  9. Tracking, Reporting, & Adjusting As Needed

This is of course just the high level overview, each point involves many smaller processes. Taking the time to conduct thorough research and turn that into an action plan is an extremely important step.

When it comes to SEO link building packages, you aren’t likely to get that type of personalized approach.


Why Are Packages So Popular?

When it comes time to compare a custom plan with a package plan, it is easy to lose sight of the real goal, which is to obtain quality links that get results.

Package plans remain popular because it is easy for the buyer to “see” what they will be getting.

Undoubtedly, three of the most popular questions I hear are:

  1. How Many Links Will You Build?
  2. How Much Does Link Building Cost?
  3. How Many Links Will I Get for $xxx ?


Sales Psychology and Link Building Packages

While a packaged plan may not deliver quality links, it does answer those questions immediately. Package pricing is really just a psychology play, taking advantage of our natural tendencies.

As I am sure you know, selling bundled services or “packages” goes well beyond SEO.

We won’t explore pricing strategies, psychological sales tricks like anchor pricing, or try to unravel why people are naturally drawn to package pricing. But, if you aren’t familiar, I would suggest looking into those techniques.


When you are doing custom outreach, it does become somewhat less concrete.

If you hire a company to fulfill a package, their goal is to meet the items outlined in their offer.

If you hire a company to build an effective promotion plan, their goal is to get results.

Perhaps you get only 1 great link that is more beneficial than the 10 promised in the package.

If it gets better results and drives a better ROI, would you rather have gotten the 10 useless ones just for the sake of numbers?

Not likely.

When it comes down to it, a good link building agency is going to work with you to find quality placements. They do not sacrifice quality for quotas.

Is it less concrete? Yes it is.

Is it more effective and better in the long run? Absolutely.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes a custom outreach plan just isn’t compatible with your needs.

If you must know how many links you will get and at what cost, something like our guest posting service with per link pricing is a better fit.

Whether we are running the full strategy or simply building the links you need to complete yours, we are known for the quality of our work.

When you do start the search for a link building company, I hope that you will resist the urge to order a package and instead look for a service that can build a plan to help you achieve your goals.

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