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My mission? To help women in the wellness community stop undervaluing themselves and their businesses. Book a free 60 minute Studio Strategy Session today.

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Free 60 Minute Discovery Session

Take a deep dive into your business so we can finally uncover what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll discuss your frustrations and goals, then create an actionable plan to take your business to the next level so you can beat the grind and do the soul work you were meant for.

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Discovery Session

The Profitable Studio Strategy Program

My signature 16 week program designed to get your studio business running like a well-oiled profit machine. This hybrid program includes lifetime access to the constantly-updated Profitable Studio Strategy online course as well as high-touch 1:1 mentorship, email support and accountability coaching. Learn to embrace strategy and build structure into your business to create an abundant full time income plus total time freedom. Go on vacation, spend time with your family and get back on your yoga mat.

Get the results you want from your studio business
The Profitable Studio Strategy Program

1:1 Business Coaching

Have a specific goal in mind or need a tuneup? Work with me on a customized short or long-term project to refine your brand and message, automate systems, build a budget, streamline your sales process, motivate your team, improve retention and drive big revenue.

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1:1 Business Coaching

In-Person Studio Strategy VIP Day

How would it feel to spend a day devoted to your business’ transformation? Join me at my cozy private office in downtown Montclair, NJ for a deep dive into one or two areas of your business. You’ll choose our focus, then we’ll jump into creation mode. You’ll leave the 3.5 hour session with completed action plans, content calendars, service menus and more. Expect to leave feeling recharged about being the leader you are!

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Schedule your VIP Day

Studio SOS

The solution for Studio Owners who need a fix, fast. We’ll drill into your current systems and find your most pressing needs. Then, focus on one or two areas of your business in this potent 30 day container that includes private coaching and daily support as you execute your brilliant strategy. Need to change your pricing? Run your KPIs? Build a marketing campaign for your event or training? Sharpen up your staff? I have you covered.

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Transformational Courses


Ready to get your studio out of survival mode without breaking the bank?
Inside the 5 Day Profitable Studio Masterclass you'll find:

Your Schedule

  • Day 1: The Motivation Mindset - How to prioritize and clear the space you need in your schedule and in your mind to be the creator and leader you were meant to be.

  • Day 2: A Powerful Product - How to level up your product: the offerings themselves. I hate to break it to you, but your regular ol' yoga classes just won't cut it in the long run.

  • Day 3: Perfect Pricing: The pricing strategy that's working right. now. in today's brand new market. Hint: it isn't measuring yourself up against your competition.

  • Day 4: Staff Synergy: How to motivate your team into real ACTION. Shiny, happy staff = shiny, happy clients.

  • Day 5: Mindful Marketing: Actionable strategy you can implement TODAY to generate new leads and keep prospective clients from slipping through the cracks.

$99 USD

You'll get all the recordings, so you can move at your own pace, but my guess is you'll want to move FAST. You'll also find PDFs, chock full of the type of homework that actually yields RESULTS.


About Me

Nicole at a laptop smiling

Hi! My name is Nicole D’Andrea and I'm a business coach for yoga studio owners and wellness practitioners. My main goal? To help women of the wellness community stop undervaluing themselves and their businesses.

I help women think bigger, work smarter and create improved commercial success so they can enjoy the financial freedom to live out their life dreams, whatever their dreams may be.

My consulting business was built on the success of my own studio’s impressive growth trajectory. I leverage my strategic sixth sense, first hand understanding and experience, and my bigger vision for the industry and use this to help others build profitable businesses and achieve the mindset mastery required to sustain them.

I have achieved tremendous results from my own studio experience and am helping a growing number of clients do the same. The consulting business is my means for sharing these insights and empowering others to grow their mindsets and their bottom lines.

I'm quickly gaining a reputation for being the Success Coach who expands mindsets, profits and possibilities. And I'm just fine with that!

Meet my team

For women, by women. We believe in raising women up, empowering them, and amplifying their force in the world.

One of the best coaches in the business

She knows how to help you nail down your target market and how to better serve them. I consult time and again with Nicole because I trust her intuition and her consistency in always learning more about the industry.

Heather H Photo
Heather H
Grow Yoga Family

I’ve raved about Nicole to family, friends, and colleagues.

Nicole helped me with my studio pricing recently. We increased rates, dropped outdated packages, and implemented new options that made much more fiscal sense. No pushback whatsoever from the community - just more money.

Kelley L Photo
Kelley L
Lotus Rising Yoga

I feel so much better about my business and more at ease.”

As a result of 10 weeks with Nicole, I am executing a more robust sales process that has resulted in doubling my conversion rate and I'm understanding my obstacles to scaling my business and implementing a plan on how I can overcome them. Thank you!

Julie B Photo
Julie B
ZoYoga & Fitness

Tracey's Story

How She Did It!

Tracey came to me with many years of studio ownership under her belt. Her business had always broken even, but she was sick. and. tired. of what she (lovingly) referred to as her “little job.” She was ready to finally step into her power and expand into a Leader! Listen to how her seven year old business had a 105% sales increase in just 4 months of work together!

How Tracey Buckley had a 105% Sales Increase in 120 Days

Tracey Buckley Photo
Tracey Buckley
Owner, Medfield Yoga Studio

During the program we:

  • Successfully raised Tracey’s prices without a peep from her longtime students
  • Implemented a recurring revenue system and turned most of her clients into members
  • Tracked, budgeted and PAID Tracey from her business for the very first time!

The Profitable Studio Strategy Program is a 16-week intensive for yoga and wellness studio owners who are ready to stop “just getting by” and start COMMANDING more from their businesses.

You are here to change lives -- including your own!

Free Mini Trainings


Sales School

ICKED-OUT BY THE WORD ‘SALES’? This training is for you if...

  • You're done with the days of praying to make a sale -- you want to get off the rollercoaster and KNOW you're waking up with cash in the bank every day

  • You're ready to up-level your sales process and train your team to convert intro clients to loyal members ALL. THE. TIME.

  • You're not afraid to make a few changes to truly GROW your studio's bottom line


The Retention Rulebook

Retention is the SINGLE most important metric to know and love within your studio business. It's the key to:

  • Getting prospects on board with your product and mission

  • Converting trial clients to lifelong customers

  • Keeping your members out of your competitor's studios and with you for life!

  • In this free training, you'll learn what to look for and how to improve your retention numbers for the abundantly profitable studio business you've been waiting for!


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