4 Tips for a Bustling Black Friday

Nicole D'Andrea

Nicole D'Andrea

Posted On: 11/10/2021

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The other day, I was scrolling FB and was sad to see another yoga studio owner lamenting that she 'couldn't afford' to offer Black Friday or Small Business Saturday sales this year.

And it bummed me out -- not because I want to see my fellow entrepreneurs discounting to the point of pain, but because it felt like she was just. so. out. of. control.

You see, you're driving the bus. Isn't that why we all opened our own businesses in the first place?

And if you're driving the bus, it means you're setting your prices -- which means that they should be built in such a way that offering a deal (or a package, or a bundle) every once in a while actually feels good for everyone involved.

The truth is, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all awesome opportunities for a big ol' cash injection in your studio.

And with a little bit of foresight and strategy, I'm ready to help you have your best year yet.

1. Have a SUPER Giftable Offer

No surprise here, but many shoppers are looking for holiday gifts on the weekend after Thanksgiving (duh). Create options at SUPER palatable price points so that your customers are tempted to snag a gift card - even for those on the B list (teacher gifts, anyone?)

Even if you don't typically offer small class packages, this is the weekend to do 3 or 5 packs as gift cards so that the price is right for everyone.

2. Move that Dusty Retail

I see you and that lone tank top or dusty essential oil that's been taking up shelf real estate for the last year.

Package up anything you're looking to move with a class card and sell it as a gift bundle.

Move your retail area around too - you'd be surprised just how well it works to position your products in new places. Everything old feels new again!

3. Have an Open House

Open Houses are the only time I really advocate doing anything for free, and this is the perfect weekend to expose new customers to your business AND get them in the door on a day you're running your super sales.

Spend the next few weeks (heavily) marketing your Open House, find a way to make it just a little special (music, snacks?) and be sure to leave time between classes to SELL. Offer an incentive on your intro offer that's good for the weekend only, so any new students visiting have a reason to pick up a little something for themselves, too!

4. Create One Big-Ticket Offer

Customers are always shopping for themselves, too, so why not take the opportunity to turn some of your casual users into big spenders?

Package up one big-ticket offer (like a year of classes, a year of privates, a year of massages, a year of coaching -- or some combination thereof) and sell it on a limited basis. Instilling a 'sense of urgency' and 'limited supply' in your clients will ensure that these move fast - and that you're not putting yourself out either!

Need some help fleshing out the details of your holiday weekend strategy?

I can help you firm up your offers, create a marketing calendar, and develop a strategy that will have you HAPPY to "discount" this year and beyond.

Book a 60 minute coaching session with me (no strings attached) and we'll do the thing!